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Namco Bandai Trademarks Even More “Tales of” Names


Namco Bandai “Tales of” series publisher and creator has yet again registered even more “Tales” names. This really doesn’t mean anything as these names are kinda ridiculous, they are more than likely snatching up everything they could possibly think of.  Still though it’s interesting to think what these games could be just by reading their names. Read the rest of this entry

Creator of Nyan Cat Explains Lawsuit Against 5th Cell


You’ve undoubtedly heard about the lawsuit against Scribblenaughts developer 5th Cell for copyright infringement because they included Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat without the consent of their creators Torres and Schmidt. Well just today Torres the creator of Nyan Cat issued a statement to Eurogamer explaining why he is pursuing this lawsuit and to clear up the misinterpretation and make sure people know why he is really doing this. Read the rest of this entry

Shadow of the Eternals Successor to Eternal Darkness -UPDATE-


Just today IGN shared a teaser for a game called Shadow of the Eternals the video states it is from the creators of Eternal Darkness which was a Gamecube exclusive and developed by the now almost defunct Silicon Knights. Read the rest of this entry

Famitsu review scores (11/20/12)

You can check out this weeks review scores from Famitsu after the jump~ Read the rest of this entry

Deluxe Set Wii U Selling Out Extremely Fast In North America.


In a recent interview, Scott Moffitt a Nintendo executive shared this: Read the rest of this entry

Reggie Fils-Aime Confirms That Nintendo EAD (Miyamoto) & Retro Studios Are Working On ‘Fantastic’ Wii U Projects

Nintendo EAD 1 (Miyamoto) & Retro are working on “Fantastic Projects”

Reggie Fils-Aime President & Chief Operating Officer of Nintendo of America shared a couple tidbits of information last night during his interview with Geoff Keighley on GT.TV. Read the rest of this entry

Inafune says Japan’s hidden talent could save its industry

Pulled from Gamasutra

“I think there needs to be a system that allows them to be more creative in their work; that would help them a lot.”

– Keiji Inafune, on the Japanese industry.

While Western developers take for granted that working on games will allow them to express their creative talents, it’s not the same in the Japanese industry. In a new interview, Mega Mancreator and former head of Capcom R&D says that the Japanese industry’s practices bury talent, but he hopes that he can shine a light on it.

Read all of it at Gamasutra