Shadow of the Eternals Successor to Eternal Darkness -UPDATE-


Just today IGN shared a teaser for a game called Shadow of the Eternals the video states it is from the creators of Eternal Darkness which was a Gamecube exclusive and developed by the now almost defunct Silicon Knights. Eternal Darkness was dubbed as a frightening game and experience. Well Shadow of the Eternals is being developed by a studio called Precursor Games and can be seen as a spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness and that’s pretty damn cool.

The game is set to have a crowd funding campaign which starts May 6th (which is this Monday). Who knows we might see this game on the Wii U if it gets funded enough but that’s a mighty…uh “might”.

You can watch the teaser here

So what do you think of this?

-UPDATE- The game has been confirmed to be heading for the Wii U if it gets the funding.


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