Nostalgia Part 2: Super Mario World

In the run-up to the UK release of the Wii U, here is the second installment of my favourite Nintendo games.  This time, it’s Super Mario World for the SNES.  As a kid, this was my favourite video game and growing up hasn’t changed that!  The colourful graphics, well-designed levels, classic music, and even the frustration of seeking out the secret levels all count towards making this game awesome… and it’s not just my opinion.

Despite the hidden levels, it is possible to complete in little time at all – but not as fun!

Two of the best levels and the best level soundtracks have to be these:

Sunken Ghost Ship

Roy’s Castle [Frustrating, but good!]


Tomorrow, I will bring you a game that isn’t Mario-related!


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  1. This is one of my favorite game of all time, I have so many great memories of this game.

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