A look at the Wii U’s eShop


Along with this first picture of the Wii U’s eShop there is some roughly translated text from the homepage Nintendo made for the eShop that you can read after the jump.

“The “Nintendo e shop”, you can enjoy the download version of the Wii U disk, including software, purchased through the Internet, such as additional content for download. There is also a free trial version that you can feel free to try.
In addition to that, you can see a comment that watching the video information and referral and popular rankings TVCM, the new software, originated in the “Miiverse” Everyone, look for software recommendations from a variety of themes … cut. I met with the new software in a variety of ways.”

“I enjoy to purchase and download the game software in place that you like.
If the download version of the Wii U disk software, you can also buy or “download card” that is selling “downloads number (alphanumeric redemption code)” in the various dealer, you can download it from the “Nintendo e shop” you. Procedures is also easy to download.”

“You can buy additional content for games and software you have, the use of the online ticket services. You can use remain soft during play was interrupted.”

“The “Nintendo e shop”, you can enjoy high-definition image quality and HD video play when you know the image of video and TVCM promotion of the latest game software, actually played the game. You can also be in the GamePad, watch the video of your choice easily at hand also.”

“We enjoy to download a free trial version of the game various software.
Please try before you buy, such as the software that was curious, if you play a variety of software, you might find one of your favorites.”

“At the entrance of the “Nintendo e shop”, published from time to time to introduce the game featured a variety of software. We will provide information about various software perspectives.
Also be motivated to look for soft classification and keyword, view the rankings.”

“You can vote, such as “satisfaction” ★ perfect score of five, your rating for soft playing.
So you can also see a comment that was posted to the “Miiverse” and evaluation of the other players, to reference before purchasing.”

Source:Nintendo eShop Website


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