Wii U Has “Capability Issues” Due To Single Processor

Black Wii U console

Dean Takahashi of VentureBeat believes the WiiU won’t preform very well because it has capability issues because it has only one processor (note he isn’t talking about it not having multicore processor but it should have a dedicated processor for streaming to the game pad) and that dual game pad streaming will present very big challenges especially for a system that really isn’t that powerful. Read the quote after the break.

“That’s a lot of work for a system which itself isn’t that powerful.”

“Nintendo only showed games with one game pad controller and the TV [at E3],” he said. “Most games out there, if you’re in a social setting, you want two controllers. Nintendo didn’t show any games that do that. They admitted in a Q&A that the games are going to run slower if you have two game pads and playing on a main display. That’s a fairly big issue for them.

“They made a good case that you can play with one controller and multiple Wii controllers, what they call asymmetric gaming where one person is looking at the small tablet screen and trying to deploy zombies while the people playing with the controllers were all on the main screen. You come up with very creative, different kinds of games where it’s one against four, or one person going online. They tried to justify and turn into an advantage this major weakness of the Wii U, but I think a lot of people saw this as a weakness.”

“They may have had a good one in ZombieU, but in the demos it didn’t necessarily play that well. Nintendo came up as a pretty big disappointment at E3.”


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