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Access To Wii U Nintendo Network Will Be Free

Black Wii U

During Nintendo’s last shareholder meeting, President and CEO of Nintendo confirmed that Nintendo Network which is Nintendo’s to be online platform for the upcoming Wii U will be free to access and use Read the rest of this entry

Project Zero 2: Wii Edition Review

Screenshot from Project Zero 2: Wii Edition

IGN has reviewed the Project Zero 2: Wii Edition, check it out.
IGN: Project Zero 2: Wii Edition Review

No plans for another 3DS model anytime soon says Iwata

Iwata holding 3DS prototype.

After the launch of the XL which is soon, Iwata says there are no plans for another 3DS model anytime soon and that the XL was only made because of the demand or “Great Need” of larger screens and says that nothing else really needs to be changed. I have a feeling there will be one though maybe not too soon but maybe in a year or two.

3DS XL In Action

Black 3DS XL

The video after the break shows more of the 3DS XL and how original DS games will look when played on the bigger screen. Read the rest of this entry

The demo for Heroes of Ruin to arrive in North America on July 5th

Heroes of Ruin logo

The HoR demo has already been available in Europe and will arrive on the eShop on July, 5, 2012 here in North America if this game interests you check it out I know I will.

Wii U Has “Capability Issues” Due To Single Processor

Black Wii U console

Dean Takahashi of VentureBeat believes the WiiU won’t preform very well because it has capability issues because it has only one processor (note he isn’t talking about it not having multicore processor but it should have a dedicated processor for streaming to the game pad) and that dual game pad streaming will present very big challenges especially for a system that really isn’t that powerful. Read the quote after the break.

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I sort of agree with this and would like to see re-releases of great Wii games finally in HD like Skyward Sword and the Galaxy games.

My Nintendo News

Shin’en developer Manfred Linzner thinks that re-released HD Wii games on Wii U would be better than many of the current games that are available on consoles such as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Nintendo hasn’t mentioned whether or not it will release select Wii games in HD, but it’s clearly something that fans are clamouring for.

“You could easily take many original Wii titles from Retro Studios or Nintendo and release them again in HD and they would look and play better than many current titles. I believe that the most important resource in game development is the developers, rather than the actual hardware.”

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Bravery Default: Flying Fairy and Project X Zone Japanese Release Dates

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy and Project X Zone

Two Nintendo 3DS big third party games have finally received a launch date in Japan. The two games are Bravely Default: Flying Fairy and Project X Zone. Read the rest of this entry

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Dream Eaters Trailer

Kingdom Hearts 3D logo

Watch The newest Kingdom Hearts 3DS trailer after the break.

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Nintendo 3DS XL Getting It’s Own Circle Pad Pro

Red, Blue, and Silver 3DS’s

The 3DS doesn’t have a second circle pad to keep it from making the older models obsolete, but the latest issue of Famitsu confirms it will be getting it’s own Circle Pad Pro peripheral called the Circle Pad Pro XL. Read the rest of this entry